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Changing Toilet Controls Means You Can ‘Go’ Without Help

  • Angela May

No-one wants to have to rely on someone to help them go to the toilet, to wipe their bottom.

proxy switchThere is a solution- and a unique one- that can evolve with your needs as they change, so even as strength and dexterity deteriorate, you can still use it unaided.

Closomat, the UK’s leading provider of enabling toilet solutions for elderly and disabled people, delivers that unique solution. Its Palma Vita shower (wash & dry) toilet is the only one of its kind that can be tailored, initially AND retrospectively, to accommodate the user’s needs. Particularly, a range of operating mechanisms enables it to be used without help from a carer- mechanisms that can be changed with the user’s needs.

As standard, flush pads on the front of the close-coupled cistern trigger the simultaneous flushing and douching of the Palma Vita, followed by warm air drying. The pads can be activated by hand, elbow or body pressure.

When the user does not have, or no longer has, the strength, dexterity or mobility to push either of the pads, the toilet can still be used and operated in full, via an air-operated touch sensitive switch, an infra-red remote control or a passive-technology proxy switch.

Elaborates Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “Installing a shower toilet is a proven technique to alleviate the need for care support, and maintain your independence and dignity, in your own home.

com pv tshs“One of life’s inevitables is that our needs change with time; thereby, an aid that initially was fit for purpose is suddenly redundant as you can no longer operate it. At least with our Palma Vita, it is quick and easy to retro-fit one of our alternative operating mechanisms, so you can still use it, still have your independence and dignity. It’s about positive care, and giving you future-proofed best value.”

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