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Closomat facilitates provision of assisted disabled toilets (changing places, space to change)

  • Angela May

Lack of space to provide assisted accessible toileting can be overcome if Closomat expertise is utilised.

moto southwaiteThe company, Britain’s leading provider of such facilities, is emphasising that many of the perceived obstacles can be overcome by a different approach. It cites its installs at venues such as Longdown Activity Farm, Cornwall Services and The Honey Pot cafe as examples of how its thinking can enable a venue to open its doors to the tens of thousands of disabled people who need extra space and equipment to address their intimate care needs when away from home.

“More and more venues which the public access are aware of the need for assisted accessible toilets, often referred to as Changing Places, but are deterred thinking it requires a significant investment in space and kit,” says Kelvin Grimes, Closomat’s away from home project manager. “At the end of the day, the majority of potential users are glad to have their needs acknowledged, even if the facility provided is not to the full specification of British Standards. We do our utmost to help find some solution that is as compliant as possible.”

As a result, Closomat has been able to help venues provide wheelchair accessible toilets with space, a hoist and adult-sized changing bench in, among other locations, a converted shipping container, a staff toilet, and a former small clothes shop.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way- almost always,” adds Kelvin. “We have undertaken so many successful projects, we have the expertise to know what will work. It’s why we worked with campaigners to develop solutions, to give venues an opportunity to be socially responsible and meet the need, even if they can’t provide a full specification Changing Places.”

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