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Take a shower in safety and with style

  • Angela May

Using the shower is the second most common problem for people who need their home adapting to re-enable them to live daily life without help. Now, they can do so easily, and stylishly, with Closomat’s Vertical Shower Lift.

Aerolet Vertical Shower Lift

The sleek unit delivers a contemporary-styled yet comfortable shower seat which can be raised, lowered as required, thereby giving the person using it greater safety and security whilst undertaking their ablutions. 

The Vertical Shower Lift has been designed for people up to 19.5stone (125kg) with limited movement in their hips and/or knees, and restricted upper body movement,. Easy to use controls allow the user to lower themself to their preferred height to sit and shower, then raise themself to a comfortable height to stand or transfer to a wheelchair or frame. The controls can be either integrated into bespoke arm supports, or operated via a separate hand switch. 

The Lift folds discreetly away when not required- projecting only 26cm- to enable other members of the household to shower unimpeded. 

“Being able to use the shower is a big problem for people who have a limiting disability- and it’s a growing issue,” observes Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. ‘According to the latest Housing Survey report, a bath/shower seat or other bathing aid is the second most common adaptation needed, of the 1.9million households that need alterations. And it’s a growing problem- the number has increased by 25% in less than five years and now accounts for over 30% of the adaptations required. 

“Our whole ethos is to develop solutions that enable people to remain as independent as possible in their intimate hygiene, without compromising on aesthetics. The Vertical Shower Lift is a perfect example of that philosophy.”

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